We Probably Stole This idea


I built this website over a year ago when I had no idea what I wanted to do as far as producing content for a podcast.  The one-off episode of the "Masthead Podcast" was, let's face it, bad.  I had no idea what I was doing, but just wanted to get content out there.


Have I learned from my lesson?  Kinda!  After some hard-taught lessons, I'm venturing into new territory with an old friend, Devan Navaratnam.  Together we will be producing fantastic content that we really hope you enjoy.  Our first offering on the Altar of Podcasting is Every Other Wednesday; a bi-weekly show where two nerdy boys talk about things that make them very happy.  We're talking video games, movies, music, political diatribes, people who are better podcasters than us; you name it, we'll deliver our fresh, never frozen content to your earholes.  We also hope a lot of people enjoy it so I can pay off the ridiculous amount of credit card debt I've amassed — and I'm sure Devan would appreciate the help because student loans are a real struggle.  


We look forward to bringing you more delicious artisan podcast content that should hit the spot.  It won't make you less hungry, unless you're an evolved species who receives nutrients from tasty waveforms.  If you are, hit me up;  I've been trying to cronch down on some of that good good punk rock.