So some stuff happened...

Hi, I’m Dylan Bickers.  I am one half of the podcast duo behind Every Other Wednesday, a show where we probably stole most of the ideas.  This past month, I transitioned from working as a Public Health Technician in the United States Air Force, to a life as a civilian.  During that transition period, there were a number of things that came up.  

First and foremost came finding a place for me to live!  I had spent the last four years of my life cozily tucked away in my dorm room on Dover AFB.  It had everything I needed; power for my gadgets and dinguses, water which I turned Christ-like into coffee on a daily basis, plumbing, and space for me to create and produce this podcast!  My departure from that niche was rather expedited, just as my commander would have appreciated — he has a thing for expedited/expeditionary/excellent care.  This left little time and funds to find a place to stay and provide all of the aforementioned benefits of my cozy little dorm.

Enter my friend, Carlos.  He was kind enough to put a roof over my head where I could get myself back up on my feet.  I’m not going to lie to you, this has been an incredibly humbling experience.  I didn’t realize how entirely dependent I was on the Air Force for the lifestyle I was maintaining.  This was a pretty big “turns out” moment for me, and I’m still kind of reeling.  That brings us into the second of the things that came up.

Money!  It’s a something something Pink Floyd reference.  It is not only the thing that makes the world go ‘round while fat bottom girls are taking a well-deserved break, but it also serves as my main way of keeping myself and my podcast alive!  Not only does it pay for food that makes my stomach stop making those weird grumbly noises, but it pays for the domain on which I host the podcast itself!  When I was “transitioned” out of the Air Force, I had not even a despised penny — don’t get me started on the worthless disks of suck — to my name.  In fact, I had negative money!  Not a great way to start a new life if you ask me.  But that’s okay because I am young and industrious and very stupid.  I began to sell things that I thought genuinely mattered to me, but mattered less when the weird grumbles started echoing in my hollow food sack.  That solved the day-to-day issue temporarily of putting gas in my car.  However, there are still some deeper issues I need to address.  That brings us to number three on the list of up coming things!

Employment!  Holy shit guys, I would love to say that podcasting is my main form of employment.  If I made a penny off of any of the work that Devan and I do on this, I would forget for a moment how truly awful pennies are.  However, it presently is a monetarily fruitless venture, and I’m fast running out of stuff I can sell!  This means I need to find a way to make money the old fashioned way: by selling my body for a quick buck.  Just kidding, that’s still illegal for dumb moralist reasons I don’t have the time to argue with right now.  The real way to make money in America is to get a job and hate yourself, so that’s the goal right now.  Unfortunately, due to spending the last four years of my life working in Public Health in the Air Force, I do not have a degree with which to catapult me into a career I would probably love.  I do, however, know the difference between an _A. Aegypti_ and an _A. Albopictus_ mosquito, so at least I have that base covered!  I’m applying all over the place, but I’ve yet to come across somewhere that actually wants to hire me.  I know, I too am surprised.  

The point of this whole rambling mess of words and mosquito species is to let you know that the **Every Other Wednesday** podcast is going to be taking an indeterminately brief hiatus while I get things squared away!  

I appreciate your support, and look forward to being able to bring you guys some good good audio content sometime soon.  Until then, do you guys know anyone who is hiring?

Best wishes,